Advisory Board

The EERA JP Hydropower has an Advisory Board, which serves as a forum for the hydropower sector to advise and give feedback to the JP Hydropower and the hydropower research community.

The Advisory Board shall:

  • Discuss the progress of the Joint Programme and provide strategic advice from industry, policy and civil society perspectives
  • Give input to the structure and content of the JP Hydropower
  • Identify R&D and innovation needs
  • Bridge relevant networks and stakeholders
  • Ensure JP Hydropower’s relevance to the hydropower sector
  • Increase the awareness and knowledge about hydropower research for the sector, and promote its role to enable the energy transition

The JP Hydropower Advisory Board has the following members:

  • Mario Bachhiesl, VGB
  • Hilde Bakken, Statkraft
  • Christian Dupraz, Swiss Federal Office of Energy
  • Fredrik Engström, Vattenfall
  • Bruno Georis, ENGIE
  • Martin Pfaundler, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment
  • Adrian Lindermuth, EURELECTRIC
  • Peter Stettner, ANDRITZ Hydro