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Evaluating sediment Delivery Impacts on Reservoirs in changing climaTe and society aCROSS scales and sectors

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SMHI, Sweden


economic and ecological evaluation of new hydropower developments strongly rely on availability of environmental data given prior to the planning stage. Major drivers of the reservoir storage capacity over time, reservoir life time and the related reinvestment time as well as major driver of the operations costs are directly related to the sediment regime and sediment trapping. However, a typical situation at planning stage is the absence of such data, especially when extended areas and river systems shall be investigated with the aim of a regional development. This introduces major risks for the sustainability of development plans, and significant potentials for economic and ecological optimization. Therefore, HYPOS will support hydropower industries with an easy and cost-efficient access to data and assessment tools, which are required to improve their planning and monitoring tasks, but are not available otherwise.HYPOS gathers partners from four different institutions from three different countries. The collected expert knowledge will lead to correlation of the turbidity of the waterbodies with the turbidity measurements of the given satellite pictures. When successful, sediment concentration of any random water bodies in the world will be able to be quantified. The developed algorithms in combination with the available satellite pictures will make it possible to look back in time and to develop rating curves for suspended load concentrations.



Nils Rüther Researcher
NTNU, Norway