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Development of a FLEXibility system for producers and distributors of drinking WATer to ensure balance on the electricity transmission network.

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To help compensate for imbalances on the power system caused by fluctuations in both demand and renewable production, FLEWATTER aims to assess the Belgian potential and technical implementation of the energy and water flexibility of distribution\adduction water network. The objective of the project is to propose an aggregation solution of the numerous flexible loads coming from the producers and distributors of drinking water.

This study will explore the possibility to add, at local level, complementary units of energy storage, whose choice will be based mainly on the needs of the network, to the existing renewable energies and storage systems such as pumping-turbining units.

The operation of these facilities will be based on an intelligent management system which aims to provide a win-win situation for both the water compagnies and the electricity network. In other words, allowing profits for water compagnies and solving the problems of imbalances encountered on our network and by the way to ensure security of supply.

A decision support tool is developed by predicting models on the system variables and supported by an experimental investigation on a representative sub-network prototype.



Séverine GILLET Project Manager